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Liz O’Sullivan
Brooklyn, NY
AI activist 💭 surveillance, bias, & autonomy. Ex-@clarifai. Cofounder @itsArthurAI; Technology Director @StopSpyingNY; Member @icracnet. They/she, tweets mine.
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From @delbius
We’ve introduced a new rule today – informed by your feedback – to mitigate harm from synthetic and manipulated med…
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From @lizjosullivan
@delbius @FrankPasquale Would love to hear more about how you're going to define "cause harm"...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lizjosullivan: take a look at the easily-reproduced data at my pinned tweet showing how thoroughly @delbius protects leaders from Ajit Pai to Rouhani from "harm". Del Harvey censors ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani & ~40% to Medvedev. She silences dissenters to help totalitarians.