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BRCA1 positive; widow; mom of three; lover of ketchup, second-hand fashion, and truth. Not really an AWHO, sometimes really an AHOLE.
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From @costareports
If you want to understand President Trump's hard-line policies and rhetoric, you have to understand (and watch) Lou…
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From @littledeekay
@costareports I’ll save everyone the effort: Trump and Dobbs are both fucking nuts. The end.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@littledeekay: @costareports is lying all around. All their bluster aside, both Trump & Dobbs are big amnesty fans. That makes sense: amnesty is very pro-Big Biz. What doesn't make sense is why libs would enable Costa pushing a very pro-Big Biz amnesty. Are you pro-Big Biz?