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Leah Greenberg
Co-Executive Director, @IndivisibleTeam. If you find my headphones, let me know.
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RT @JessyBradish: Loved hearing @Leahgreenb @ClimateReality "a little sunlight and a lot of outrage can dramatically change what's possible…
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.@WarrenIna @JessyBradish: FYI, Leahgreenb sides w/ #Koch bros, WalMart, USChamber, & Tyson Foods on #immigration. She's very pro-corporate.
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From @eluning
#Indivisible founder Leah Greenberg talks how to influence elected officials at @algore's climate training in Denve…
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From @eluning
#Indivisible founder @Leahgreenb on how movement was born: ‘It’s a tidal wave’ @algore @IndivisibleTeam #copolitics
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.@eluning: FYI, #immigration stance of @Leahgreenb is same as that of #Koch bros & USChamber. Is she getting their $ or just useful idiot?