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@realDonaldTrump #RussiaAsset #TrumpAssTraitor #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #TrumpRussiaCollusion #TrumpRussia
Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. the goal of justice requires sacrifice,and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.MLK
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“I don’t care. I believe Putin.” Stunning words McCabe ascribes to @realDonaldTrump when U.S. Intel chiefs briefed…
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@davidaxelrod @LauraMallory2 @realDonaldTrump And yet McCabe and Rosenstein are being accused of potentially ”treas…
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.@BetsyC1219: Trump is so incompetent he lost money with a casino. @davidaxelrod etc etc are so incompetent they've never had any negative impact on someone who lost money with a casino. In fact, they've only ever helped him. That's like negative infinity incompetent.