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Denver, CO
Left in the West. Longhorn sports, Colorado politics & musical interludes. You've been warned.
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RT @jonathanchait: Reporters think violence is the accidental byproduct of Trump's rhetoric. Trump is telling us it's on purpose. https://t…
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.@LauraChapin: hi Laura, @jonathanchait could have tried to help stop Trump & could try to undercut him now. Eg: challenging Trump proxies on how the "Wall" is unimplementable. That'd really undercut Trump. Chait hasn't done that. Nothing he's ever blogged has had any impact.
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.@LauraChapin: @jameshohmann wrote the idiotic piece about Grimes Help encourage him to try real reporting. #occupy
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.@LauraChapin: many tries later, @JohnJHarwood can't answer these questions: Shouldn't he be able to? #NYTimes #NYT
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.@24AheadDotCom @LauraChapin @JohnJHarwood What is causing him to ignore issue? #carlos_slim?