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Kristin Romey
Washington, DC
@NatGeo archaeology editor/writer and @ExplorersClub Fellow. I root for the Scythians.
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.@kristinromey: MAGA ♥ Trump's threat; that's culturally toxic. Trump's threat has to be shown wrong *to them* to hold both in check. Media clearly can't do that: they only whine in echo chambers. So, you need to step up & urge the MSM to finally show Trump wrong *to his base*.
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#AIASCS crew: @NatGeo #archaeology editor here at the meeting all weekend. DM me if you'd like to meet up or have a…
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.@kristinromey: you blog against Trump's Iran cultural sites threat. Sane military leaders would prevent it; he's a paper tiger. But, at least it's a chance to blog, right? As for actually doing something good, I'll describe how you can do that next.