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East Coast, United States
🇺🇸 ✝️✡️ #BackTheBlue💙 USNavy⚓️ USArmy💚 Vets❤️ 2ndA - ComputerForensicsSpec - TrumpPence2020 - ProLife - My pronouns are Me & Mine
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From @JulianCastro
We need to phase out fossil fuels, including fracking, and transition our economy to be 100% clean and renewable.…
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From @KimScott_1820
@JulianCastro We need to phase out all the Dem Climate tales Even if it was real & AOC's plan with a $93 trillion p…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If you *really* want to undercut Julian, get an expert to come up with questions he can't answer, then go ask them at his townhalls. On video for Youtube. MT @KimScott_1820 MT @JulianCastro We need to phase out fossil fuels [other piffle from #ClimateTownHall]