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high tory amos 🌹
I like techno 🖤 math & econ former teacher, current failson [he/him] bi or pan 🍳 rûm arab atheist altarboy appropriating anglocatholic aesthetic #leftisbest
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From @chrislhayes
The idea that sending immigrants to a New York City is some kind of brilliant troll or rhetorical chec…
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From @cjane87
@chrislhayes It’s only if you assume that cities and immigrants are both very bad.
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From @kidairbag
@cjane87 @chrislhayes It comes from the conservative belief that any remotely humanist positions on the left amount…
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From @ed_cip
@chrislhayes Las Cruces NM is a small poor city. The border patrol delivered about 100 people to the Gospel Rescue…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ed_cip: as the other replies to chrislhayes show, Trump is just helping lib leaders enable mass/illegal #immigration. If Trump were smart & sincere, he'd instead make arguments that'd undercut Hayes to his audience. Trump lacks the smarts & patriotism to do such things.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@kidairbag: Trump is horrid, and one reason is he makes it easy for the very pro-Big Biz @chrislhayes to get libs to support very pro-Big Biz mass/illegal #immigration. Think what Trump & Hayes would have you support, then look at the bottom line: cui bono?