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Kevin Bankston
Between DC and the Bay Area
Fighting for the user inside of @Facebook, focused on privacy and AI. Previously rolling nerdy from @ACLU to @EFF to @cendemtech to @OTI. Opinions my own.
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So excited to be screening MY favorite movie at @FutureTenseNow's "My Favorite Movie" series next Thursday at E St:…
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.@KevinBankston: hey Kevin, you're an "Internet rights advocate" linked to Will Oremus, a #Slate blogger who supports #Twitter censorship. Twitter censors 20% to 50% of the replies to Trump officials (see my top tweet). What would a real Internet rights advocate do?
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.@KevinBankston #StopWatchingUS failed because of idiots like @kurtopsahl: Can you help correct that? #ows #occupy