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.@kelicarender: if you truly oppose mass/illegal immigration & aren't just grifting, there are smart things you can do right now. I have questions that'll discredit Dem leaders to their base. I'd like you to encourage your fans to go ask them. Will you help with that?
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.@kelicarender: MSM recently Garofalo'ed Teaparty again, in effect smearing all non-SJW whites. Where were you? Did you intellectually engage them & help show them wrong? (I can show you how on request). P.S. If you truly oppose mass/illegal immigration (cont'd)...
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IN 2009, fake patriot @kelicarender challenged retired Rep Norm Dicks to take a $20 bill from her to pay for someone else's healthcare. Dicks replied like a dim corrupt ho: "I'll take your $20!" If he'd engaged her in debate & showed her wrong he could've stopped #Teaparty.