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Illinois, USA
One human taking a ride on the spaceship earth. Artist. Love dogs & nature. And fire. Liberal. Follow people who crack me up and/or tweet real good. #Resist
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From @nprfreshair
TODAY: New reporting on Justice Brett Kavanaugh. We talk with NYT reporters @katekelly & @rpogrebin about parts of…
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From @katmc68
@nprfreshair @katekelly @rpogrebin Such knee-jerk reactions to this. The reporters did an amazing & thorough job. I…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@katmc68: Trump's horrific, but I have trouble believing @nprfreshair is any better (based on the NPR habit of deceiving about immigration). Did they call @katekelly on omitting a key part of her OpEd (as NYT now admits)? Did they call @rpogrebin on the tweet NYT deleted?