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Kassandra Seven
Detroit, MI
Advocate and Activist || #Resist
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@Public_Citizen @ava @maddow @Alyssa_Milano @AOC @funder @MoveOn @shaunking @JoyAnnReid @RalphNader…
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.@KassandraSeven: @Public_Citizen could easily & permanently stop Trump's "wall" right now simply by pointing to Trump's base that it wouldn't last: future Congresses would neglect or tear it down & Trump fans couldn't do anything about it. Ask PC why they aren't doing that.
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Full professional video of Duty to Warn Atlanta @KassandraSeven @KarmicAction @DMRDynamics @johndgartner
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.@SethN12: in the 0.0001% chance dumb punks like @johndgartner (@duty2warn founder) got Trump impeached, that'll just make Trumpism stronger
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SethN12: you & @johndgartner lack smarts to grok Trump is just symptom of a legit condition caused by the NeoLiberal policies you support.