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Karine Jean-Pierre
Chief Public Affairs Officer, @MoveOn. @NBC & @MSNBC Political Analyst. @BarackObama 2008/12 Campaigns & @ObamaWhiteHouse alum. Professor, @ColumbiaSIPA.
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From @CoryBooker
I am VERY excited about this book by @K_JeanPierre - I hope you will join me in getting a copy and sharing with oth…
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From @JanFred1903
@CoryBooker @K_JeanPierre I will. She is one of my favorites.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JanFred1903: you cheer @CoryBooker hyping a @K_JeanPierre book. Her latest blog starts "By now, we are well past debating whether Donald Trump deserves to be impeached." Cory can't see what's wrong with that, what about you?