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#MS ♿️ SAG/AFTRA • Film & TV Medical/Disability/Psych Consultant, Set PA & Medic • MS: Counseling • BS: Psychology/Sociology • 🎸• #AnimalRescue #DieselDogs 🐾
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Resistance snowflake & deranged partisan @justdawn_ has blocked me for suggesting she act like a citizen for once:
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From @justdawn_
The Disability question to @CoryBooker is the question I want answered. We’ve worked all of our lives & paid into S…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@justdawn_: you should know by now that pols' happy talk is almost always just hot air forgotten as soon as they get into office. If you think Booker's different that's like #MAGA thinking Trump is different. For your sake, start demanding MSM finally asks *tough* questions.