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A grandmother who wants justice, equality, freedom, humanity for all.
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From @Public_Citizen
.@AOC: If you’re a company and you tuck [a forced arbitration] clause into virtually anything you can make an emplo…
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From @Public_Citizen
Thank you @AOC for shining a light on the insidious practice of forced arbitration. These clauses are buried in th…
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From @joylovetrust
@Public_Citizen @AOC It ought to be clear to everyone why Trump & @LindseyGrahamSC are so afraid of @AOC.
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It's clear to everyone except @Public_Citizen that the GOP loves AOC: they can portray all libs as just like her. MT @joylovetrust It ought to be clear to everyone why Trump & LindseyGrahamSC are so afraid of AOC.