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Josh Kovensky
New York, NY
Investigative reporter @TPM. @WGAEast member. Get in touch at
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From @JoshKovensky
I spoke with a Moldovan prosecutor the new acting DNI Ric Grenell was hired to discredit:
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From @Yastreblyansky
@JoshKovensky Interesting how parallel this runs to Giuliani efforts to discredit Ukraine's National Anti-Corruptio…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Yastreblyansky: now, @JoshKovensky blogs re HHS / #Covid19 / safety gear. If you want to make Trump better on C19, Josh is your *enemy*. He'll play partisan games, bring anti-American issues into it, push failed tactics... Everything he does - as usual - will only *help* Trump