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big sloth energy
chairman of the never tweet party
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From @kevinroose
I’ve been working on a story for a few months that I’m excited to share. It’s about a 21-year-old guy who was rad…
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From @justin_hart
@kevinroose Kevin. The format of this article on mobile is stellar! I think you do yourself a disservice though by…
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From @WinstrolM
@justin_hart I’m paywalled out pf the article but I’n curious what possible reason there’d be to reach out to bad-f…
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From @justin_hart
@WinstrolM Seems like journalism 101 to give a chance for people to make an accounting of their actions since you’r…
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From @jere7my
@justin_hart @WinstrolM @kevinroose Because they’re bad faith? Demonstrably?
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From @Partisangirl
@kevinroose Of "Caleb's viewing history" you chose to single out interviews about #Syria with me, a Syrian muslim i…
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From @jordaneisley
@Partisangirl @kevinroose oh yeah, they sure mischaracterized you in their article about online conspiracy theorists
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From @steveray
@jordaneisley @Partisangirl @kevinroose Thanks for the legwork
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@steveray cheers @jordaneisley thinking the Wikipedia @partisangirl page shows she (presumably) should be censored. Did Jimmy Wales admit he used WP's rules to lie to their readers, yes or no?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@justin_hart: I don't think playing good cop works with censors like @kevinroose. Those who knowingly push censorship usually can't be reasoned with, they have to be discredited. Let me know if being nice to any of the 100s of pro-censorship "journalists" ever works.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
You'd call deliberate deception via omission "bad faith", right? MT @jere7my [@kevinroose shouldn't get comment from those he writes about like any real journalist would] Because [Alex Jones etc are] bad faith? Demonstrably?