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John Kasich
Westerville, Ohio
Husband, Dad and Governor of Ohio. Learn more about my new book at
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RT @WeirdReport: . @BillKristol @EWErickson @glennbeck @JohnKasich @MittRomney @MedvedSHOW How does it feel to be irrelevant?
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From @TerriMarsh11
RT @drewwyatt: @TedCruz @JohnKasich Any Candidate Who Sides w/Bill Ayers & MoveOn Over Free Speech Is UNFIT. #MAGA #TrumpRally https:/…
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.@TerriMarsh11 @drewwyatt: Trump is too weak to undercut BLM & MoveOn: He always puts Trump before USA. #Trump2016
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From @BigMuscleBabe
RT @Rhondeezie: @sabine_durden @politico @JohnKasich u really turned out to be DIRTY
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.@BigMuscleBabe: if @sabine_durden had taken my help, Kasich wouldn't do that. She put her trust in NumbersUSA grifters; they let her down.
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RT @steinhauserNH1: .@JohnKasich upon hearing he was answering questions from @steinhauserNH1 for the final time! #nhpolitics #FITN https:/…
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.@patjhynes: what's funny is how weak @steinhausernh1 is. He refuses to do his job as a journalist and a citizen and ask tough questions.
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.@barracuda1776: @JohnKasich changed his mind on #immigration a few years ago. Your leaders were unwilling/unable to stop that. Blame them.