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John C. Halloran
Riding the pale blue dot
Skeptic, atheist, humanist, antinatalist, efilist, lover of reason, science, justice, liberty, peace, civilization in general. Dormio ergo svm!
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From @JDVance1
Melting Pot or Civil War, by @reihan, is simply an incredible book on the politics and policy of immigration. It c…
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From @johnchalloran
@JDVance1 @davidfrum @reihan What exactly *are* "open borders" anyway? Makes it sound like letting anybody from any…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@johnchalloran: @reihan on #immigration is a joke: he doesn't understand how things actually work. See one of my recent posts. You'd be better served pointing that out & pointing out that Salam and @JDVance1 support amnesty (*to their audience*).