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Joe Clark
Cheverly, Maryland
Septuagenarian; Author; Retired Engineer; Great Grandfather; loving husband; Vietnam Vet; Couple of degrees that justify my seat of the pants approach to life.
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From @peterbakernyt
Trump has catalyzed California into moving more aggressively to the left, providing an alternative vision, although…
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From @joeclark_343
@peterbakernyt @tarangoNYT @thomasfullerNYT @jdelreal Whiplash is really not a good thing. My wife worked for Sen C…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Baker assumes CA is some monolith. He lacks smarts & life experience to understand what Trump's about, what CA's about... pretty much everything. MT @joeclark_343 [too far no good] MT @peterbakernyt Trump has catalyzed CA into moving more aggressively to the left..