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Jody Agius Vallejo
Los Angeles
Sociology professor at USC studying Latino middle class, Latino elites, Latino entrepreneurs, race/ethnicity, immigrant integration. Assoc director @CSII_USC
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From @damiencave
Man, the comments on this story about @joseiswriting are intense.
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From @JodyAVallejo
@damiencave @joseiswriting I cannot read the comments on immigration stories because they are so ignorant, hateful, and sad.
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@JodyAVallejo @damiencave @joseiswriting Because they are pro-borders...
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From @JodyAVallejo
@DAKDIS @damiencave @joseiswriting No, not proborders but xenophobes, don't understand social,political, economic forces promoting migration
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@JodyAVallejo: wow a USC professor, I'm impressed. Who profits from the #immigration advocacy of @JoseIsWriting? #ows #occupy #uniteblue
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From @Glaivester
.@24AheadDotCom @JodyAVallejo @joseiswriting Hint: look at who is promoting #immigration "reform:"