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💝My 5 Kids (#HonoringMyDaughter🎗Esophageal CA)💝My 5 Grandkids, RN,MSN-C,CCNS-P💉, #PROLIFE👶, 💯#MAGA, #ProMilitary🇺🇸, #BackTheBlue💙, #NRA~2A🔫,❤️🎹#MUSIC
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From @joannarn4kids
RT @1GigiSims: 1) Thread: Keep expectations low for change in Twitters censorship of conservatives after Jack Dorsey meets w/congress. Twit…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
As the real data at my pinned tweet shows, #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users & about as many libs as cons. Falsely making it all about you hurts you by reducing the number of allies you could have. MT @joannarn4kids MT @1GigiSims [Twitters censorship of conservatives]