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America on a precipice near a deep abyss. DJT's our only chance to survive.
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@ns1jb @ScottAdamsSays Bought and read your great book, passed it along to my younger millennial family members as…
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@jmn777_john @ns1jb @ScottAdamsSays You got Win Bigly already?
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From @ns1jb
@humsmoke @jmn777_john @ScottAdamsSays I think I'll let ol Scott sweat a little before I buy it!!!
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.@ns1jb: has @ScottAdamsSays explained how Trump alienating est. #GOP is going to help Trump get the $1.6 billion for the "wall" (etc.)?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ns1jb: Reince will probably work to turn Congress GOP against Trump. Has @ScottAdamsSays explained how that's 4d chess? #MAGA!