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Jeff Kolker 🤷‍♂️🎨
Pryor OK
Digital Artist - Blurring the hand painted lines between digital and traditional art styles ❗️Note: Watermarks on my pictures here do NOT show on prints.
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From @JoyAnnReid
Guys... immigration is what energized the Trump voter in the first place. They haven’t been turning out with as muc…
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From @jkolker
@JoyAnnReid I saw this as a Dem victory... and as a planned strategy. Three weeks from now I guess we'll see if it…
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From @JoyAnnReid
@jkolker Agreed.
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From @leftwardbound
@JoyAnnReid @jkolker Until Schumer backs down once again. There is no evidence that Schumer et al will hold the lin…
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From @oufenix
@leftwardbound @JoyAnnReid @jkolker Funny, he held them together perfectly during health care and the tax scam. As…
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From @leftwardbound
@oufenix @JoyAnnReid @jkolker It doesn’t take much to whip a caucus on 80-20 proposals like HC & taxes—with the lat…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@leftwardbound: DACA shouldn't be popular. It'd reduce U.S. wages, keep some U.S. students out of college, and continue braindraining Mexico. #Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, & WalMart love it. The very pro-corporate Trump loves it. The solution is voluntary repatriations