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Jessica Taylor
Washington, DC
@CookPolitical Senate and Governors Editor. 2020 contributing author @The_Almanac. @nprpolitics alum. TN native/diehard Vols fan. Proud @FurmanU Alum. Dog mom.
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From @dznyc
@JessicaTaylor @daveweigel Jr. sounds just like his father re Khizr Khan's son's sacrifice: "I think I've made a lo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dznyc @JessicaTaylor: FYI, Q is set to announce that "bone spurs" is just a cover story for all the ops Trump did undercover for the CIA in 'Nam. He & G. Gordon Liddy were in the thick of it, working behind the scenes.
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From @JessicaTaylor
My dad is *actually* still suffering from injuries he got in Vietnam over 50 years ago and fighting with the VA to…
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From @dogstar7tweets
@JessicaTaylor @daveweigel In all fairness to Bone-Spur Jr here, his dad is suffering from syphilis he contract dur…