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machine-learning journalist at @qz's investigative team, tracking online political influence (e.g. FB ads). Tips? oh, pun minded. likes linguistics. Atlanta!
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From @jeremybmerrill
The customer assumed that Facebook had vetted the ad. She got burned by an atrocious knockoff fake coat using borro…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
You could care less about Zuck protecting consumers as if he were a billion dollar nanny. You're just using this to push censorship. MT @jeremybmerrill [hypes a WaPo blog that claims] customer assumed Facebook had vetted the ad [and bought a] fake coat
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From @zseward
Newly leaked documents offer a detailed look at what Cambridge Analytica's "psychographic targeting" looked like in…
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From @williamatrent
@zseward @jeremybmerrill @OliviaGoldhill The “agreeable” one is the only one that did anything at all for me. Thoug…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Those who hype C.A., Fake News, bots, etc. are doing that to push censorship. Weak ads are a small price to pay for open debate. MT @williamatrent [only the ad below resonated] MT @zseward [exploits Cambridge Analytica ads to push censorship]