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Great Lone Star State
Native Texan, #TexasEx & Devoted #Longhorn, #WhatStartsHere #TxLege Alum, Editor, Soulfully Seeking Serenity....
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From @JxhnBinder
Jorge Flores-Villalba is one of the first beneficiaries of New York's new bail reform law. He's accused of killing…
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From @jenniferewren
@JxhnBinder @WWG_1WGA_ What in the holy hell?!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jenniferewren: @JxhnBinder just uses criminal aliens etc to get clicks, & I can prove it. Challenging Dem leaders on how their plans would harm workers - using my lib-friendly questions - would destroy them. Ask Binder to help out & let him prove he isn't fake.