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Jay Weaver
Federal Courts Reporter, The Miami Herald, covering white-collar fraud, terrorism and drug trafficking
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From @jkbjournalist
BREAKING: Trump campaign, Mar-a-Lago, hit with federal subpeonas. Feds want to know more about Chinese massage parl…
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From @HNHughson
@jkbjournalist @NickNehamas @jayhweaver @ceostroff @Blaskey_S Can Miami Herald officially replace NYTimes as one of…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HNHughson lionizes (to put it kindly) Miami Herald & @jkbjournalist (who blog "Feds want to know more about Chinese massage parlor owner's role in Trump fundraising"). After so many similar things not working, have you gotten the clue that such things don't work against Trump?