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Mother of twins, wife, CNN Special Correspondent, friend of Gabriel Allon. Married to #1 NY Times bestselling author Daniel Silva. RT's are not endorsements.
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RT @PoppyHarlowCNN: Nikki Haley says President Trump doesn't limit her -- fascinating and revealing interview via @jamiegangel…
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.@AlisonKosik: @jamiegangel is not in any way a journalist nor is she much of a citizen: #CNN #TheResistance
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RT @JaviCNN: .@nikkihaley tells @CNN's @jamiegangel she thinks #Russia 'knew' about chem attack & now they're 'nervous'.…
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.@danielsilvabook: you might enjoy "Discredit #JamieGangel of #CNN over her fluffball Nikki Haley interview":