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#GOPChickInTech - it ain't easy being red in a blue industry. 🤦‍♀️ I Stand with our 🇺🇸#Vets and our #Troops 🇺🇸 #Tech4Trump
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From @AjitPaiFCC
"[T]ouch-tone is modern. The dial can't compete with it.” OTD in 1963, residents of Carnegie & Greensburg, Pennsylv…
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From @JaiceHarmon
@AjitPaiFCC Before my time. Yet, my parents hung onto theirs till I hit jr high. They were forced to “upgrade” by t…
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.@JaiceHarmon: FYI, your 100% anodyne reply to AjitPaiFCC was declared 'LowQuality' by Twitter. Ask your leaders why they refuse to cover the real data at my pinned tweet but instead push fictions about what Twitter does