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Michael Ball and Sarah Brightman --------- I Need To Be In Love Karen Carpenter
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From @OneVoiceUS
Do you feel you have been censored or shadowbanned on Twitter? Please take our poll in the Tweet below because…
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From @OneVoiceUS
Many say Conservative voices have been censored on Social Media, today, in a hearing @RepJerryNadler said "Filterin…
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From @FreedomsFront
@OneVoiceUS @IvansGarage @RepJerryNadler If twitter tells me I can’t tweet again until I delete a tweet that offend…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
#Twitter is censoring replies to Nadler from *both* cons & libs. Opposing censorship has to be done across the board or you're no better than TWTR MT @FreedomsFront @OneVoiceUS @IvansGarage RepJerryNadler twitter tells me I can’t tweet again until I delete an ["offensive" tweet]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@FreedomsFront @OneVoiceUS @IvansGarage: want to really hurt Twitter? Get media to cover my research (see the examples at my top tweet) showing that TWTR is censoring & lying to a high % of their users of all kinds: libs, cons, sports fans... Oppose censorship in a big tent way.