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Ilya Somin
Arlington, VA
Law professor; author of Free to Move; Democracy and Political Ignorance; & The Grasping Hand; Volokh Conspiracy blogger.
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This is the story of how suspected mail bomber Cesar Sayoc threatened me on Facebook. How it happened and what - if…
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.@IlyaSomin blogs "Mail Bomber Cesar Sayoc Threatened Me on Facebook". That's how cons roll. They're only capable of incredibly dim things, when all they'd have to do is challenge Somin on how his #immigration stance would greatly harm the USA. #MAGA #resist #Koch
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From @AlexNowrasteh
@24AheadDotCom_ Are you still rolling with that circa 1995 website?
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.@AlexNowrasteh: @edlavacnn & CNN did a cartoon of Trump "Wall". Trump has fooled millions into thinking his "wall" is viable plan, except Congress would neglect/destroy it when Trump's out of office. When will you & @IlyaSomin urge CNN to really press Trump proxies on that?
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RT @ggreenwald: Libertarian law professor @IlyaSomin makes the case that Obama's immigration executive order is legal…
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.@truthglow: Obama's #ImmigrationAction is very, very pro-corporate. He even took "wish lists" (per the NYT) from Big Biz. @ggreenwald #ows