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Hannah Rappleye
New York, NY
Reporter @NBCInvestigates. Criminal justice, immigration, child welfare, prisons, horses, etc.
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From @sgregory5408
@JuliaEAinsley @HRappleye @lriordanseville @NBCInvestigates Can’t believe this is being done by citizens of the U.S…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sgregory5408: those like @JuliaEAinsley in effect urge people to cross a very dangerous border. If fewer tried to come here illegally, fewer would die. She's got blood on her hands. P.S. Julia etc etc are paid to *enable* illegal immigration by Big Biz.
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From @JuliaEAinsley
Heartbreaking stories from dogged reporters @HRappleye and @lriordanseville @NBCInvestigates
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From @Zoomm01
@JuliaEAinsley @HRappleye @lriordanseville @NBCInvestigates I guess they should stay in Mexico when they arrive there.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Zoomm01: the way to make that point in a non-sociopathic way that would actually reduce illegal immigration is to point out that JuliaEAinsley etc in effect urge people to cross the border & are partly responsible for the deaths. Punch up, not down.