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Former d1 golfer and now political junkie. Zero trust in our media
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From @HashtagGriswold
CNN failed to disclose that the town hall participant whose question led to Warren's viral clapback donated the fed…
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From @HoselMr
@HashtagGriswold This exchange was rehearsed well in advance of town hall
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From @MSosiuk
@HashtagGriswold Thank you for reporting on this. This is exactly part of what drove the chaos in the last primarie…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
He's got just 31 RTs & only Breitbart/GatewayP/WashTimes link. Only a handful of cons care. How is conservatism at helping hold CNN accountable? MT @HoselMr MT @HashtagGriswold CNN didn't disclose Warren townhall questioner was fed max donor
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MSosiuk: @HashtagGriswold is no help at holding CNN or anyone else accountable. Gizmodo blogs a similar tale about ABC to much more effect. They're a "normal" site (i.e., not conservative). Griswold is a con. Like other cons he only plays to an echo chamber few care to visit.