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Andrew Jon Thomson
Happyland, California
Inventor, Activist, Humorist, Songwriter, Filmmaker (He/Him)
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From @jonathanchait
I suspect Howard Schultz is just an ignoramus who gets his info from Morning Joe. His advisers are goading him to r…
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From @HelloAndrew
@jonathanchait @billscher Superb piece Thanks to you for researching and writing it No thanks to Schultz! #NoSchultz
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HelloAndrew: I've been posting for 3+ years about Trump being pro-amnesty & wall/bans being unimplementable. Those would have really undercut him to his base & made him lose. Did @jonathanchait or @billscher do the same? Did they ever even try to undercut Trump to his base?