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John Heenan
Montana, USA
Small business owner, attorney. Running for Congress to stand up for working people & families in MT left behind by Washington DC.
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From @alisonrose711
Love this brilliant move by @Heenan4Montana — using TrumpTV's own airwaves to call out its nonsense :) by @RVAwonk
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@alisonrose711: you hype @heenan4montana buying anti-Sinclair ads on Sinclair; he complains that their reporters read a cookie-cutter anti-MSM statement. Speaking of which, are the dozens of cookie-cutter, bogus "crops rotting in the fields" stories in the MSM good journalism?
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From @Heenan4Montana
New FEC report from @GregForMontana shows wealthy corporate PAC $ flowing into his pockets. Altria (tobacco lobbyis…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Koch bros are pro-loose borders/pro-free trade/pro-globalism & that's toxic to most #MAGA. Will you use that against GG, or do you agree with the Koch bros? MT @Heenan4Montana New FEC report from @GregForMontana shows... Koch Industries among dozens of PACs pulling his strings