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Goodyear Blimp
Akron, Ohio
Goodyear's aerial ambassadors traveling across the skies. #WingfootOne #WingfootTwo #WingfootThree Affiliated with @Goodyear @GoodyearRacing
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From @ESPNMcGee
#Blimpcast! Me and @MartySmithESPN live from @GoodyearBlimp over #NDvsLOU. 8 PM ET on ESPN3 & ESPN App.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ESPNMcGee: what's great about kneeball is how it's risen from humble beginnings. Way back in 1894, Arthur Packer would bend over in Central Park bushes & invite men to slide their hands between his thighs. He was later convicted, but his sport lives on in #NDvsLOU & #NFL!