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I have healthcare
What is the point of Twitter? So Dear Leader Trump can administer daily beatings? Feel powerless? That’s what they want. Get out there and do something 🙏
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From @Schwarzenegger
It’s #WorldElephantDay, so here’s a throwback to when my team and I were chased by a beautiful elephant on a safari…
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From @Good1Lucy
@Schwarzenegger Perfect. I am going to use this quote forever: “They are not trophies - if you think they are, you’…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Good1Lucy: FYI, @Schwarzenegger ran on a "drain the swamp" platform (so to speak). He then became BFF with a racist crook (Fabian Nunez) & even commuted the sentence of his murderous son. He was a "girly man" when CalNurses criticized him. Hopefully Austria will take him back.