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🇵🇹 🌲 ☦️ Português - Salazar sympathizer - Research paper enthusiast - Nootropics abuser - Geopolitics retard.
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From @antonioregalado
Holy cow. Harvard’s David Reich is the Voldemort of ancient DNA according to this blockbuster NYTImes feature. They…
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From @GirassolPicapau
@antonioregalado @Steve_Sailer Context?
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From @antonioregalado
@GirassolPicapau @Steve_Sailer Gotta read the item in this instance
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@antonioregalado: FYI, years ago I'd comment at Sailer's site urging his readers to help make Trump push smart plans that'd work. Sailer's readers - aided by @steve_sailer - smeared me, enabling all Trump's idiocy & un-American activity. Trump can't be indicted soon enough.