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Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal, has earned the reputation as “The World's #1 Trends Forecaster” for accurate & timely forecasts since 1980.
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#Breitbart: "Trump on 831 Stock Market Drop: Fed Has Gone Crazy". Mark/Like my words: when the inevitable business downturn comes, Trump will blame it on The Fed, Kudlow, CNBC, @geraldcelente, Napoleon, sun spots, etc. etc. Then he'll invade Andorra to distract #MAGA & #FoxNews.
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Tomorrow @ 9 am ET I'll be on KLZ radio in Denver discussing markets, immigration and politics
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.@geraldcelente: excellent argument to undercut pro-amnesty leaders: Will you get Trump etc to use it?
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.@geraldcelente: would you say something so disgusting to the kids whose hearts Cheney received? Get the facts: #ows