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April S.
Indianapolis, IN
Woman. Pharmacist. Human. Misanthrope. Lover of the finest carbs and cheeses. You're probably going to be bored to death following me.
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From @IronStache
We are Americans. If we can boo a pitcher who sucks on the mound we can boo a president who puts kids in cages.
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From @fret4yourprozac
@IronStache We not only can, we SHOULD.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@fret4yourprozac: the smart, easy way to undercut Trump has always been not to boo him like kids, but to act like adults & engage him & his proxies in debate. @IronStache is too much of a child to do that. P.S. Randy's immigration stance is also very pro-Big Biz. He's fake.