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J Ford (just a white privileged male)
No person should be treated differently due to race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. #EndRacism #WomenRights
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From @Haleaziz
There's been a lot of focus this week on the interviews given by acting USCIS director Ken Cuccinelli. Worth cons…
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From @miblogestublog
@Haleaziz Did @USCISCuccinelli just thank you for this post? LMAO
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From @FordJohnathan5
@miblogestublog @Haleaziz @USCISCuccinelli Yes he did. Lmao
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@FordJohnathan5: jokes on you. @Haleaziz isn't smart enough to realize everything Cuccinelli has done will be rolled back (& then use that against Trump). He's hurting you. Those like him are also conning people like you into support Koch/U.S. Chamber immigration policies.