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Mesa, AZ
Mathew 5:9. LEO. The more you sweat, the less you bleed.
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NOW: An apartment complex in San Clemente is kicking out tenants so chronically homeless people can move in. Reside…
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@CorbinCarson @KFIAM640 I know @BradHutchings isn’t far....I have extra room for ya
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@FNG85212 @CorbinCarson @KFIAM640 There's "affordable for OC" inventory inland that is fairly nice, but it's not th…
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That's a bad situation all around, but it has a smart solution. Dim, anti-American, inhumane bourgeois tantrums from @JohnAndKenShow aren't it. MT @CorbinCarson San Clemente apt bldg to evict tenants so chronically homeless people can move in...
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.@BradHutchings: without cavil or comment, @corbincarson interviewed someone saying the homeless will never contribute to society. If you don't know German, learn it. Then, see if you could avoid translating that into mid-century German. #SanClemente #OrangeCounty