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Erin Siegal McIntyre
Now tweeting @ESMcIntyre. Investigative journo @Univision & more; Senior Fellow @SchusterInst; Author @BeaconPressBks; @WomenJournos board; @ReduxPictures fotog
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.@JillFilipovic: @ErinSiegal is engaging in Whining about something and enabling it at the same time.
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@erinsiegal: this isn't about me, just my struggling fellow Americans. Go find the many construction workers screwed by illegal labor. #tlot
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@erinsiegal: when can we expect your expose on Americans screwed by mass #immigration? Oh, wait, you don't care about them. #tcot #tlot #OWS
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@erinsiegal: SPLC has indirect link to foreign gov't that profits from their policies; misled about stats: #p2 #tlot