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Lindsey Ellefson
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media @thewrap. Maybe you've seen me @cnn, @usweekly, or @mediaite. Maybe @instyle, @observer, or @mashable. Maybe not. Your problem, not mine!
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.@ellefs0n of Mediaite & @MargHartmann of NYMag promote the DNC talking point from the KSNV interview. For those who don't get DNC's emails.
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@ellefs0n thank you for writing about our efforts to raise $ for @HomesForOurTrps !!!
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@jaketapper @HomesForOurTrps thank you for doing it!
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.@ellefs0n: your post on NHCLC & Trump was typically Mediaite-dumb. 2nd chance to raise the bar: what'd be a good immigration policy?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ellefs0n: you criticize Trump's speech to NHCLC, pointing to his claims to deport illegal aliens. What, in your mind, would be fair plan?