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Elizabeth Tsurkov
Princeton, NJ
Passionate about human rights. Fellow @FPRI focusing on the Levant & Research Fellow @RegThink. @PUPolitics PhD student. Admin @WomenKnowMENA
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From @Elizrael
Chaotic and short-sighted policy-making produced a week of horrors in northeastern Syria. I spoke to Kurds, Assyria…
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From @Danaiolos
@Elizrael Am I being premature to presume a Putin brokered peace once the #SAA move in to contact with Turkish forc…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Danaiolos: @Elizrael types have constantly enabled #TheResistance in order to get clicks: pussy hats, "Drumpf", etc. Obviously, none of that kid's stuff stopped Trump's Kurds plan. Doing that requires a very low level of smarts & sanity, but Tsurkov etc can't rise that high.