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Eliel Cruz
New York, NY
Activist. Director Of Communications @AntiViolence he/him #DecrimNY #NYCAgainstHate Creator of @FaithfullyLGBT
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From @elielcruz
I have yet to see a substantial LGBT question at any of the debates. #DemDebate
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From @elielcruz
Can we discuss 1. Trans protections and inclusive healthcare 2. Job/housing protections/equality act 3. LGBT homelessness #DemDebate
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From @elielcruz
4. RFRAs that discriminate against LGBT folk 5. Queer inclusive immigration reform 6. LGBT Health/poverty disparities #DemDebate
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From @elielcruz
These are just some suggestions. Who do we pressure to get them to ask a substantial LGBT question? #DemDebate
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@elielcruz: if you want what I'd call a substantial question, do this: Disintermediate debate moderators. Will you?