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First-time Twitter user. Roy Moore Fan Account.
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.@ebolamericaVEVO replies "No, we're doing Nehlen's plan". How's his plan coming along? Any traction? Any big endorsements? Why not *also* help with my plan since you wouldn't need to spend much time on it at all? If you only do Nehlen's plan & it goes nowhere, how'll you look?
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RT @ebolamericaVEVO: .@AnnCoulter Hi Ann, Your biggest supporters -- and then the rest of the right-wing -- are about to be kicked off of…
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.@Nvehecnycrrcom1 @ebolamericaVEVO: Paul Nehlen is just another grifter like Coulter. Here's a smart plan to stop #Twitter censorship that would be very effective if enough help: Will you help, or just enable grifters? #MAGA #AltRight
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@24AheadDotCom_ @Nvehecnycrrcom1 No, we're doing Nehlen's plan.