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Debbie🌹Sampson #MAGA #Patriot
Small Town America
Just An American Girl🇺🇸 Raised on Promises✌ #JFKjr🇺🇸 @Potus @GenFlynn 🇺🇸@ClintEastwoodLA 🇺🇸@MrWyattEarpLA 🇺🇸@realJamesWood ❤🎶@TravisTritt
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From @LibertarianBlue
Report: 90 Percent of Political Donations from Google Go to Democrats via @BreitbartNews
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From @dyer_sampson
@LibertarianBlue @AnthemRespect @BreitbartNews #Google better get their act together....if theyd like to stay in…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dyer_sampson: FYI, @LibertarianBlue has constantly lied about #Twitter censorship. He's falsely claimed only cons are impacted when they censor all kinds of users. He's helped reduce the opposition to their censorship from ~80% to under 6%. He's *helped* Twitter.