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Hippy Doug
Country Aire - Elgin, Oklahoma
Immigrants are not animals. Mid-Continental Liberal Elitist. Happily married, employed & home owner. Opinions expressed are my own. #ENFP #GoStars
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From @bethfertig
This former Fox News exec is behind left and right wing conspiracy news sites, aided by Macedonians. And a former N…
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From @dougie0216
@bethfertig @xeni When he said former NPR... it had to be Michael Oreskes.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dougie0216: @bethfertig is a corporate media lackey. She's paid to restrict speech both to help the MSM & also to restrict the bounds of debate. Real liberals need to demand more speech & leaders who can show Ken LaCorte wrong, not just lackeys who try to silence opponents.